Pit Bull and Bassett Hound Save Child from Fox Attack


Pit Bull and Bassett Hound Save Child from Fox Attack

Save ChildAs she walked to her grandmother?s house, 4-year-old Angelis Porter of Spencer, U.K., was attacked ? not by a big, bad wolf ? but by an aggressive?fox.?Fortunately, her dogs were there to heroically thwart the fox?s maneuvers.??He had me by the pants leg,? Porter told the?Telegram, referring to the fox.?The Telegram reports that when Abby, a?Pit Bull, and Callie, a?Basset Hound, saw what was happening to Porter, they chased after the fox.??Callie beat that fox up,? Porter said. ?She chased it, and Abby chased it, and then [Abby] came back to check on me.??Meanwhile, Porter?s grandmother, Nerieda Martinez, called the police, who searched for but could not locate the fox.?A few days later, a man working on the roof of a shed saw a fox trying to climb?the ladder to get to him. He called the police.??And the police came and they killed it,? Porter told the Telegram, clapping her hands over her head. ?They shot it!?

The little pet parent was happy to hear that the fox?wouldn?t be coming back anytime soon. Sgt. Joseph Fontaine suspected the fox was rabid since it behaved strangely. ?It charged at the cruiser,? he said. ?That?s just not normal.??The fox gave Porter nightmares, but not rabies. Both dogs are also fine since they were current on their rabies vaccinations.??I had to go to the emergency room because of the saliva,? Porter said, adding that she didn?t need a shot. ?They gave me a pop, though.??Rabid animals?can pass the disease on through contact with their saliva. Typically, infection can occur through a bite or an open sore on the victim. The fox?s remains may be tested for rabies?if state officials deem it necessary.?Fontaine advised that anyone?who encounters a wild animal that is behaving oddly or seems overly aggressive should stay away from it and call 911

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