Socializing your dog is important, especially if he/she is a puppy. If your Pit Bull is young, trips to the dog park and around other dogs is recommended. Realize though that circumstances at the dog park cannot be controlled and sometimes this can bring out bad behavior in your puppy. But as your Pit Bull gets older, the dog park can become a problem, no matter how much he/she has been socialized. Though a Pit Bull may not start the fight, if provoked, they will definitely finish it. As your Pit Bull gets older and stronger, it’s best to keep the socialization process safe and in a controlled environment.





2.?CANINE RACISM?- Be advised that by being a Pit Bull owner, the general public may have some animosities towards this particular breed. You must also realize that if there is any incident involving your dog, whether he starts it or not, he will more than likely get blamed. Because of this, you must be a step ahead of other dog owners and insist that your dog behave like a lady or gentleman when out in public.

3.?OUT IN PUBLIC?- You must understand that by letting your Pit Bull run off leash, you are only asking to get yourself and your dog into trouble. We HIGHLY recommend that even if you have the best behaved dog in the world; always assume the “other guy” does not. Be the responsible dog owner and keep your dog close by.

4.?PIT BULLS & OTHER PETS?- VRC does not recommend adopting an adult Pit Bull into a household where there cats, small dogs or other small animals. Puppies are recommended for these situations.

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