Pit Bull Head Standard .

Pit Bull Head Standard .



THE APBT IS no more A HEAD BREED than any other.
The APBT IS A COMPLETE TOTAL AND BALANCED DOG!- HEAD structure is important but not overwhelmingly so! A massive skull has a negative impact on a breed because of the added weight without proportionate increase in strength.


In actual practice, a dog with a small head with proper structural mechanics, has the advantage and should be preferred to a dog with a massive head that does not fulfill all of the structural requirements.

Bitches with overly doggy heads should not be considered

Males with overly bitchy heads should not be considered



The head is of medium length, with a broad, flat skull, and a wide, deep muzzle
(wide and deep muzzle is very important) . Why wide and deep (not exaggerated)? A straight, box-like muzzle and well developed mandible will not have much to do with the biting power but will endure more punishment.
The APBT head is unique and a key element of breed type. It is large and broad, giving the impression of great power
h1 0000 Pit Bull Head Standard .This animal has a very nice head piece.
The head of the APBT should never be exaggerated. Certainly the size of the head is NOT disproportionate to the size of the body.  Looking at the dog from the front the width of a correct head should be approximately 2/3 the width of the dogs shoulders.  The head is about 20% wider at the beginning of the jaw (cheeks) than the neck at the base of the skull.

Lilly Head Pit Bull Head Standard .




This figure indicates how a proper head to shoulder ratio can be visualize.  Perhaps a better way to visualize this is standing above the dog and looking straight down.

Viewed from the front, the head is shaped like a broad, blunt wedge.
Wedge 1 1 Pit Bull Head Standard .FIGURE 4- this figure depicts what is meant by wedge shaped head. The white shape is the wedge. The cheeks should protrude from this wedge as shown in the overlay
When viewed from the side, the skull (A) and muzzle (B) are parallel to one another and joined by a well defined, moderately deep stop (C).
Head detail side Pit Bull Head Standard .FIGURE 5 - This shows what is meant by the muzzle and skull being in parallel lines with a moderately deep stop.  Deep meaning two things in this case one would hope.  The steepness of the stop should not be shallow like that of a bull terrier nor should it be more vertical like that of an American Bulldog.  Thus the angle and depth should be taken into account.  The APBT must be AVERAGE AND BALANCED in all aspects of conformation to promote it’s functional diversity.  This includes the size and shape of the head.  ALSO NOTE:  the muzzle has a straight topline (see standard text below).  There is no turn up at the nose and no “Roman” bridge running from the stop.  Also note how tight the lips are along the side with no jowls or flews.
Supraorbital arches over the eyes are well defined but not pronounced.
 Pit Bull Head Standard .FIGURE 6 shows a dog with naturally highlighted supraorbital arches.  These are above each eye and rise just over the black markings giving this female a questioning yet intense look.
The head of the APBT is well chiseled, blending strength, elegance, and character.
apbt head 0chanceawesomeedit copy 0000 Pit Bull Head Standard .apbt head 0trinityeyes 0000 Pit Bull Head Standard .
FIGURE 7-These figures above (figure 6 and 7) show well chiseled heads that portrait a good blend of strength,, elegance, and character .  These are two very different  bloodlines within the APBT.  The difference in appearance should not be taken for lack of proper conformation.  Both fit the standard very closely.
Preferred Pit Bull Head Standard .
The image above shows a range of male and female heads. The heads represented in the middle are moderate. The female heads to either side are outside of the moderate range. Notice that females should look like females and males should look like males.

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