Renaissance Bulldog.


Renaissance Bulldog.


The Classic? Bulldog breed standard is a detailed written description of the perfect bully “type” or “flawless” bully Classic? Bulldog.?By out crossing the biggest Olde and Victorian Bulldogges?into our?Classic American Bulldogs, they?will stay true to?the Renaissance style Bulldog. That’s a bigger style bulldog than a standard Olde ; we use very bully AB females, bred to an extra-large Olde and Victorian Style?males to produce our more southern style bulldogs. Healthy bulldogs breed to work, protect and are extremely loyal to their?master.

1889 DrawingBulldog

A well written, detailed breed standard is a very effective tool that can be used to assists Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breeders in the selection process and evaluation of??Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog that are being considered for a structured breeding program or as a possible conformation show participant.

The Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breed standard should always be used as a written guide and reference to current and future Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breeders.??Breeders are striving for the old first generation Johnson AB lines, like Mean Machine and King Kong .We strive to keep bully dogs that keep the look of the old time American Bulldogs of a 100 years ago. Our lines will be referred to as the Olde Time Lines or Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldogs. We breed for the classic bully look .

It is important that?Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breeders understand and use the Classic??RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breed standard, as the offspring they produce will have an impact on the Classic?RENAISSANCEBulldog breed in the future for many?generations.

The goal of?all?reputable Classic?RENAISSANCE?Bulldog breeders is to achieve perfection as far as correct breed type, health and temperament.


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