How to Calm a Dog During a Thunderstorm


How to Calm a Dog During a Thunderstorm

Pets often fear loud noise and dogs are no exception. A loud crack of thunder can send a dog running for cover under the nearest bed or some other hiding place. Some dogs may even shake and shiver during a storm. If your dog is a nervous wreck during a thunderstorm there are ways you can help keep him calm. Read on to learn how to calm a dog during a thunderstorm.

Dark, ominous rain clouds and lightening


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      Show your dog lots of love and affection during a storm. Pet and cuddle with your dog to help alleviate his fears. He’ll feel safe and protected with you near.

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      Turn on some music. Choose a selection that is soothing. A nice relaxing tune can help to calm your dog’s frazzled nerves.

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      Play with your dog to keep him calm. Get out the doggie toys and have a play session. Play time can keep your pet distracted until the storm passes.

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      Create a safe haven for your pet. If your dog takes off to a certain spot in the house every time it storms make it a comfortable place for him. Place his favorite blanket and toy in the spot and let him stay there until he feels like coming out. It will be his comfort zone when he’s feeling anxious.

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      Give your dog cover. Some dogs have been known to hide under the bed covers during a thunderstorm. If your dog feels safe under the covers give him his own blanket to weather the storm. You can place it on his own bed, in his special hiding place or just cover him up wherever he happens to be. Giving your dog his own security blanket will help to calm his fears.

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