The Best Food for Pitbull Puppies


The Best Food for Pitbull Puppies

A Pitbull puppy requires great care such as good feeding. You can feed a Pitbull puppy store-bought dog food, or you can make your own food at home. A puppy requires nutritious food, such as protein, in order to thrive and gain muscle. Trust your Pitbull puppy’s veterinarian for good recommendations, or products that will be best for your puppy. Dry dog food is best for a Pitbull puppy because it will help keep your puppy’s growing teeth clean, and after 12 months your Pitbull can be switched to adult dog food.

Dog Food

  1. Dry Dog Food

    • Dry puppy food can be found in grocery stores in pet food aisles, or in pet stores. The varieties are endless, as well as flavors such as lamb and rice, or plain beef kibbles. Dry puppy dog food is mostly recommended as it helps regulate the digestive system, and controls bowel movements. Only buy dry dog food labeled for “puppies” as it is smaller and easier for small puppy mouths to chew, which also helps avoid choking.


    Canned Dog Food

    • Canned dog food is a good option for Pitbull puppies who are picky about dry dog food, or refuse to take to it right away. Canned food is softer in texture, and can be broken up with a fork for even easier chewing. Much like dry dog food, canned dog food comes in a variety of flavors. However, it will make a Pitbull’s stool softer and cause her to go to the bathroom more often.


    Homemade Dog Food

    • For Pitbull puppy feeding an alternative to store-bought dog food is making your own at home. To do so, you can boil boneless chicken meat or brown up hamburger meat. The meat you use should always be fully cooked. Vegetables such as carrots and peas can be boiled until soft, and combined with the other ingredients. Cooked rice is also great for puppies, and the mixture of rice, meat and vegetables can be blended in a food processor for easier eating.

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