How to House Train Pit Bull Puppies


How to House Train Pit Bull Puppies

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Pit bull puppies are easy to house train.

The pit bull breed is intelligent and easy to house train when a reward system is a part of the plan. Although positive reinforcement in training any puppy is the method preferred by dog trainers, it is essential when dealing with breeds that have a propensity to develop temperament problems. You can house train your pit bull puppy in short order by providing encouragement and support. Consistency is the key to a well-trained and housebroken pit bull puppy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Newspapers

  • Potty training pads (optional)

  • Dog crate (optional)


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      Place newspapers in one area of your home where your pit bull puppy can easily reach them. You may begin doing this as early as 4 weeks old if you also have the mother and the rest of the litter. Make sure the newspapers are on a solid floor and not on carpet. You may place a potty training pad on top of the newspaper to provide a scent that attracts your puppy to that area, although he will often miss the pad.

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      Move puppy “accidents” to the newspaper. Your first inclination may be to wipe up a piddle or flush fecal matter immediately, but that won’t help your pit bull puppy understand what you expect from him. Instead, place the wet paper towel or the bowel movement on the newspaper, take your puppy over and let him sniff it. Then praise him and reward him with a tickle behind his ears as if he actually chose that spot.

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      Clean up accidents thoroughly. Dogs form their toilet habits by sense of smell, and if the carpet smells like dog urine, your puppy will think it’s the place to go. Use diluted household bleach on tile or linoleum and purchase a commercial carpet cleaner designed to neutralize the smell of pet accidents on carpet.

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      Use only rewards and positive reinforcement with your puppy. Although some dog lovers claim that pit bulls get a bum rap from society, the anatomy of their strong jaws makes it imperative that they be trained in a gentle manner as puppies in order to minimize any aggressive feelings when they are older.

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      Pay attention to the activities of your puppy. Immediately upon waking or right after he eats is the most likely time for him to use the bathroom. Place him on the newspapers or take him outside promptly to avoid an accident.

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      Put your pit bull puppy in a crate for naps and overnight sleeping. By the time he is 3 months old, your puppy can spend 30 minutes twice a day in his crate and up to 5 hours overnight as long as he has used the bathroom right before you put him in. Most puppies come to love their crates. Since dogs do not like to soil their bedding, your puppy will wait as long as he can before he has an accident in his crate. Do not leave your puppy in his crate longer than the recommended time.


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