Rash on a Pitbull’s Chest


Rash on a Pitbull’s Chest

Rash on a Pitbull's Chest

A rash can appear on a pitbull’s chest for many reasons.

A rash on a pitbull’s chest can appear for any number of reasons. It can be treated in any number of ways, depending on the root cause of the rash. Fortunately, there are ways to identify a rash on a pitbull’s chest, which can lead to a safe, simple form of treatment.

  1. Fleas

    • When dogs lay on the ground–whether inside on the carpet or outside on the grass–they can potentially be exposed to parasites like fleas, ticks and dust mites, all of which can infest a pet’s chest/belly area and cause itching and scratching. This can lead to a rash. Fortunately, fleas can be treated with dips and shampoos, which are available at most pet retailers.

    Household Chemicals

    • An average home is stocked with household chemicals, such as detergents, household cleansers and fertilizer, that can cause skin rash on a pitbull’s chest when contact is made. Even if exposure is limited and for a short time, these strong chemicals can quickly cause irritation. The best way to eliminate this is to keep all household chemicals locked away or high atop a counter or cabinet.


    • Fortunately, allergies are seasonal, making them fairly to diagnose, as they tend to be at their highest in times of warm, moist weather. If a pitbull makes contact with grass and other plants, pollen sticks to their hair and skin. This can cause an allergic reaction, including a rash and hives on the chest and belly areas. Take an allergic pitbull to the vet, as this condition might require prescription medication. However, the vet might simply advise over-the-counter medication to treat a minor case.

    Food Allergies

    • Food allergies, while not altogether common, affect some dogs, including pitbulls, and often result in rashes and hives all over a dog’s body. Oftentimes, these allergies stem from proteins in dog foods, including meat and dairy products. To combat this, try boiling meats like chicken, beef or lamb and mixing them with rice or potatoes (one part meat to every two parts rice or potatoes). If this doesn’t work, take the pitbull to a vet, as this condition may require medication.

    Natural Treatments to Skin Rash

    • Often times, rashes on a pitbull’s chest can be treated with natural, non-prescription medication. Among the most popular forms of natural treatment are aloe vera cream or gel, oatmeal shampoo with aloe and milk of magnesia. These treatments can be purchased at most major retailers.

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