Can Big Dogs Eat Ham Bones?


Can Big Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

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Can Big Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

To give a dog a bone or to not give a dog a bone, that will always remain a point of debate. Bones can provide many nutrients and protein dogs need and crave, but they also are potentially dangerous no matter the size.

  1. Benefits

    • Feeding a big dog a ham bone is natural, healthy and promotes clean teeth and healthy gums as well as providing nutritional content.


    • Feeding a big dog a ham bone is also potentially dangerous. Just like a splinter that gets stuck in your skin, bone fragments can get stuck in the intestine, causing death.


    • Ham bones can come in three basic types:

      1. Store-bought from the dog food section. These are generally cooked, basted with flavoring and then dried out before being packaged.

      2. Store-bought ham from the people food section. Large hams tend to have large bones. Many large dog owners will cut the meat off around the bone and serve the bone to their dog raw.

      3. The third option is also a store-bought ham from the people food section, the difference is the ham is cooked with the bone in, and then served to the dog after completed.


    • Ham bones are not given to large dogs as a meal. There is not enough sustenance to meet the minimum for daily feeding requirements. If choosing to give your large dog a ham bone, it should serve as a treat with a large bowl of water nearby.



      The photos shows an X-ray of a dog that has gotten a bone splinter stuck in the esophagus. He had become dehydrated and unable to relieve himself. This illustrates the potential risk associated with giving a dog a large ham bone.


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