How to Train a Dog to Not Jump on People


How to Train a Dog to Not Jump on People

How to Train a Dog to Not Jump on People

Jumping on people is a very common way for dogs to great their owners as well as other people and dogs. It immediately gets them attention and is actually often encouraged when they are puppies. When dogs get older, however, jumping can be a nuisance or even dangerous. Big dogs can scare people or actually knock them over when they jump up unexpectedly.


  1. Teaching the “Off” Command

    • 1

      Sit in front of your dog, preferably when he is a puppy. Wait for him to either put his paws in your lap or actually sit in your lap entirely. You can even call him to your lap or pick him up at first.

    • 2

      Say “off” while pushing your dog off of you. You can gently push him away or stand up so that he must move off your lap. When he is fully off of you, praise the dog, pet him and give him a treat.

    • 3

      Keep training your dog to obey the word “off” until he will do it every time, even without a treat.

    • 4

      Have everyone in your house use the “off” command every time the dog jumps up on them. They should praise the dog when he stops jumping and occasionally give him a treat.

    • 5

      Train the dog to never jump up. Whenever he jumps up, immediately say “off” in a loud, angry tone, then turn and walk away from the dog. Make sure everyone else in your house does the same. Soon the dog will get the idea that jumping up is never allowed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consistency is important. If anyone in your house lets the dog jump up, he will only learn that it is not okay to jump up on certain people and not that it is always wrong.


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