Top Giant Dog Breeds


Giant dog breeds are simply extra-large canines. Like any type of dog, giant dog breeds have their pros and cons. On the positive side, giant dogs are typically very gentle, affectionate and loyal. They tend not to need too much exercise and are not very difficult to train. Potential negatives include a tendency to drool quite a lot and cost more in food and supplies. In addition, many large dogs are more prone to orthopedic problems or health issues like?bloat. Perhaps the most unfortunate thing is that extra large dog breeds tend to have a shorter life span compared to the average canine (about 6-10 years compared to the 12-15 years most dogs live). However, those who adore these big beauties feel that it adds up to a small price to pay.

Typically weighing anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, giant dogs need ample space in their homes for large dog beds and plenty of tail wagging space. When these big dogs are young and not fully trained, they may not know their size and strength. However, with age and proper training, they usually become gentle giants. While plenty of people prefer?small dog breeds, many other people feel that giant dogs cannot be beat. Here are some of the largest dogs on earth and the most popular giant dog breeds around.

8Great Dane

One might argue that this huge and majestic creature more closely resembles a small horse than a dog. Either way, the beautiful Great Dane is sure to stand out in a crowd. But it is more than looks that makes this breed stand out. The personality of the Great Dane is unforgettable. These dogs are gentle, playful, friendly and incredibly loyal. The Great Dane is a native of Germany that was developed as a boar hunter and, later, a watch dog. Great Danes weighs anywhere from 100-200 pounds and about 28-30 (or more) inches tall.


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