How to Stop Dominance Aggression in Dogs


How to Stop Dominance Aggression in Dogs

How to Stop Dominance Aggression in Dogs

Dominance aggression?is one of the common canine behavior problems comes from the lack of leadership in the dog owner or if I may say, a common spoiled dog problem. They let the dog become the alpha dog that controls the life in the house. This is not just a problem that occurs on big size dog, but every dog regardless the body size.

For many dog owners who are dealing with this problem, they don?t have any clue of how can their dog become so dominant and aggressive. Many dog owners think that they already give the dog so much love and freedom so the dog won?t feel stressed. Well, I?m afraid I have to say that this kind of thinking will only make the dog unbalance and feel obligated to step up as the pack leader since their owner is too weak energy to lead the pack. If an unbalance dog leads the pack, he has the freedom to behave anyway he wants and mostly will only lead to serious behavior problems like the dominance aggression.

The aggressive behavior is a way for the canine to tell you that he demand something from his follower, whether it is a toy, attention, affection, food or anything. If you come to him and give what he wanted then you are under his control and nurture the behavior so in the future your dog knows that become aggressive is the only way to get what he wants.

Stopping your dog dominance aggression?is not an option and should be addressed as early as possible before the behavior become worse and can actually hurt your family, friend or other people.

Tips to Stop Your Dog Dominance Aggression

Frustrated by your dog aggression?

The only way to fix this behavior is for you, the dog owner, to step up and?claim back your position as the top dog, the alpha role, and the pack leader. Your dog must know that you are in charge and your dog have to follow everything your decide. Your dog must never be allowed to demand anything; instead your dog must work to get what he wants. Here are my step by step tips for you to deal with your dog dominance aggression problem:

  1. Become the pack leader and acts as a pack leader. Project calm and assertive energy and set a rule boundary and limitation in your house.
  2. Exercise your dog a lot to drain his energy out so he won?t have too many energy left to become aggressive.
  3. Give your dog hard love by ignoring him for the next 48 hours except for exercise and feeding time. Don?t look, talk or touch your dog in this time frame. This is a huge mental challenge for your dog that will make your dog rethink about his position as a pack leader because no one takes his order serious anymore.
  4. After 48 hours, give?correction?every time your dog start to show the aggressive behavior. Challenge him physically with hand correction. At this time your dog will most likely to give up easily because you or your family do not support his mental state anymore.
  5. Wait until your dog calm and laying down to the floor. If you see this, approach your dog right away and give him a huge affection. This will make your dog learn that being aggressive won?t get him affection, but calm and submission will.
  6. Keep giving your dog exercise, correction and give affection to the calm submissive state for the next few weeks. Be consistent, over time your dog will forget his aggressive behavior and become comfortable as your follower.

What if I Still Can?t Stop My Dog?s Dominance Aggression?

Sometimes dealing with a dog dominance aggression problem is too hard for the owner because they are afraid that they will hurt their dog?s feeling. This is where you should get professional dog behaviorist help. Not a regular dog trainer. Dealing with canine dominance aggression need a deep knowledge of dog behavior that only a behaviorist have.

However if you still confidence to deal with your dog dominance aggression by your self, then I highly suggest you to follow my tips and get this?dog aggression guide?for a better and more effective training.


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