Top 5 Easy Going Dog Breeds


Top 5 Easy Going Dog Breeds


Depending on the lifestyle you lead, or want to lead, including a dog could be tricky.? There are many reasons why a laid back, easy going dog breed may be best for your family, household, living situation, among other factors.? Every dog will have its own temperament regardless of their breed, but some breeds are more well known to have certain traits, or lack thereof.

A particular environment, training used, upbringing, and owner behaviors will contribute to the easy going nature of the dog you?ve chosen to include in your life, but there are a few breeds that are better suited than others to an easy going lifestyle.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog breed is one of the more laid back pets you can own, mainly
due to their overall nature of responding well to training, getting along with people and other?dogs?easily, and eagerness to play and please.? Keep in mind though that this breed can develop what is referred to as small-dog syndrome if you do not establish from the beginning who?s boss.

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