Junior?s Story


Junior?s Story


If you?ve seen Cesar live or have watched his recent TV shows, then you?ve met?Junior, the gray and white?pit bull?who is always by his side. Junior will turn five in August, celebrating his birthday the same day as Cesar?s, but in that short time he?s had a very eventful life. As many of Cesar?s fans know, though, Junior is the second pit bull to hold the position of ?right-hand dog,? having taken on that mantle when Cesar?s previous pit bull,?Daddy, passed away on February 19, 2010. This is Junior?s story.

Daddy?s Story

Junior?s story really begins almost twenty years ago, when Cesar first met four-month-old Daddy in a studio where Daddy?s then owner, the rapper?Redman, was shooting a video. Given his schedule and environment, Redman didn?t feel he could care for the?puppy?properly, so he was seeking a trainer.

He found Cesar through a referral, and Daddy soon found his new?pack, moving in with the Millans. Although Daddy never had any major issues, he was a little insecure when he was young, since he had been moved around so much between Los Angeles and?New Jersey. However, that insecurity soon went away, and Daddy grew up to be Cesar?s right-hand dog.

According to Cesar, Daddy never made a mistake, and never displayed?aggression?or any other negative behavior. He also assisted in raising Cesar?s two sons, and Cesar explains that he had never had a dog quite like Daddy. ?When my boys, Andre and Calvin, were little, I knew I could leave him to entertain them while I was busy; he helped teach Andre to?walk. And when one of the boys fell down, Daddy would be right there, licking him and making sure he was okay.?

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