Snoopy the pit bull saved from death and reunited with guardian


Snoopy the pit bull, who had been quarantined and labeled a dangerous dog, was reunited with his 77-year old owner Bob Johnson on Friday. Snoopy was saved from possible euthanasia by widespread public support online and legal intervention on the dog’s behalf. Three weeks ago, Snooopy was seized by city officials in Detona, Florida, because he wasn’t wearing his required muzzle and was involved in an altercation with another dog.


A Jack Russell terrier named Russy, broke free of his owner’s leash and charged at the pit bull. Russy had to get a couple of stitches and Snoopy suffered mouth and eye wounds Though both dogs were injured in the incident, and despite Snoopy being leashed and in control by Johnson at the time, the guardian of the little dog called animal control and Snoopy was seized. Because Snoopy had had a previous incident in 2007, he had been labeled a “dangerous dog” and faced the risk of being put to death for the “infraction”. Snoopy was required to wear a muzzle anytime he was outside of his home. Depending on which version of events are true, Snoopy had been declared dangerous after a fight with a different dog in his neighborhood. One version has it that Snoopy had broken loose and attacked a bichon frise, injuring the dog in a neighbor’s yard. However, another account relays the two dogs knew each other and roughhoused and played together often, but on this particular day it got out of hand. Oscar (the name of the other dog) and Snoopy continued to live together peaceably for five years after their tangle.


Regardless of the details, the result was that the dangerous dog label put Snoopy in danger of losing his life. Thankfully, due to thousands of supporters who signed an online petition and legal actions from various humane groups, an agreement was arranged between Johnson and the city. Johnson?s daughter Tish Kennedy spoke to the media on Friday, saying that her dad was happy to comply with the city?s rules for dangerous dogs, which include a annual registration fee, showing proof of current rabies vaccination and liability insurance, as well as use of a muzzle. She thanked Halifax Humane Society, and wanted to acknowledge the thousands of people who had signed an online petition seeking to save Snoopy from euthanasia. “I don’t know how to thank 24,000 people,” Kennedy said. As Snoopy was released to Johnson?s care he sniffed Johnson and his daughter and headed toward Johnson’s truck, pawing at his muzzle along the way. “Hi, Snoop,” Johnson said. And with that, dog and guardian finally could go home, their ordeal over