Pregnant Stray Disappears Into The Woods. 3 Days Later, They Hear A Loud Bark…


Pregnant strays have the riskiest lives, as not only are they without shelters, they have nowhere safe that they can give birth to their puppies. And if they’re hit by cars, several lives are lost in the process. That’s why authorities were so eager to catch one pregnant dog who had been eluding them for weeks.

Bonnie was a pregnant dog that frequented the area, and the authorities had paired up with the members of the community in order to help capture Bonnie. People had started leaving out food in order to deter her from trying to cross the busy highway. A carpenter managed to build a nice shelter and food station for Bonnie to use, but when she didn’t turn up in her usual places, everyone became worried.

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Thankfully, the carpenter went searching in the woods and when he heard barking, he knew it was Bonnie. She’d given birth to her pups in secrecy. Now she has a new home with the carpenter and her puppies will be up for adoption when they’re old enough! Share this incredible story with your friends too