Amazing Group Of People Bring Joy To An Abused Rescue Dog’s Life


Caitlyn’s owner hated her so much that he decided he would punish her in the most awful way imaginable.

The horrible man who originally owned this little Staffordshire bull terrier mix actually used electrical tape to keep the dog’s mouth shut. When Caitlyn was discovered in this awful state, her nose was nearly destroyed and she was suffering from hunger and severe thirst.

Thankfully, the rescue workers who found the small pup did everything they could to save her life and her nose. And after a lot of hard work, dedication, and surgeries, they managed to nurse the little dog back to health.

The owner of this dog made his beautiful dog as ugly as his soul, and even though she has a loving heart, he did everything he could to make her aggressive and mean. But she always stayed happy and kind!

The man was arrested and is being charged with animal cruelty and torture, and hopefully he’ll begin to understand just how horrible a crime he committed against such an innocent and loving life.

Thank goodness for the amazing team of people who did everything they could to bring the smile back to this little dog’s face. Were it not for the rescue workers’  dedication, love, and support, she would have surely died.

Now that the healing portion is done and out of the way, watch the video of the best part: the playing portion!