Loving Owners Post Heartbreaking First And Last Photos Of Their Pets


The most meaningful, beautiful, and stirring memories can always be captured by photographs.

Parents use the camera, for example, to document their children’s lives. These children grow up to pass their own photos onto their own kids, who carry these same memories to the next generation.

Many people also love to take pictures of their pets and keep track of their lives. Other people like to retain memories of their beloved pet in different ways, like this artist who paints vibrant portraits of pets to capture their personalities.

In a lovely photo series below, we share amazing “first and last” pictures of people’s pets, submitted online to the Reddit community.

In these touching and poignant photos, one can imagine the lifetime of love and happiness the two have shared.

Scroll further to see all the beautiful memories that these pet owners have captured with their photos.

10“From the first ‘hi’ to the final ‘goodbye,’ the best dog I’ve ever had”