Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Live Longer


Everyone who has a dog or any pet, his only wish to never lose his pet, he or she has a healthy and long life and the biggest nightmare is to lose his furry friend.

Dog Live LongerMost dogs, depending on size, can live ten to fifteen years if they are in good shape mentally and physically.

Here are five tips you can do to extend and improve the quality of your dog’s life.

51. Encourage a healthy diet

Dogs who eat less live longer. According to a 2011 study, dogs who were raised on a restricted-calorie diet—about 25% less than “normal” recommended amounts of food—lived an average of two years longer than dogs who were fed more.

A good diet can help strengthen your pet’s immune system, help in maintaining his or her intestinal health, help in increasing his or her mental acuity, help keep joints and muscles healthy, and much more.