Reasons You Should Adopt A Pit Bull

So you’re thinking about getting a dog, but you’re not sure what kind to get. My first piece of advice is, do your research. No matter what breed you ultimately choose, make sure you know what you’re getting. Make sure the breed is a good fit for your family and your lifestyle.
Because nearly 4 million animals die in US shelters every year, I recommend visiting your local shelter rather than a pet store or breeder. There are dogs of every shape, size, color, and breed at your local shelter, and it’s my opinion that this should be your first stop when you begin looking for your new pet.
And because nearly half of the animals that die in shelters are Pit Bull-type dogs, I strongly urge you to consider bringing a blockhead into your family. Why?

4 – Pit Bull-type dogs are highly intelligent and very trainable.

They are also very eager to please, and will do almost anything you ask of them – one of the reasons why it’s so easy for humans to exploit them.
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