Dog Born In A Shelter LOVES Giving Kisses To His New Baby!


Recently, this family in Iowa welcomed a new baby girl into their home, and their dog, named Blake, was one of the first to meet her.

There was an instant bond between the two.

Perhaps, that’s because Blake started off life in the world surrounded by babies. Many, many babies!

1Gem, his mother, was dumped into an Iowa animal control unit back in 2012, and she was pregnant.

She went into labor right away and gave birth to her puppies almost immediately.


Fortunately, the founder of Hardin Eldora Animal Rescue Team (HEART), a woman by the name of Amy Haas-Gray, was waiting to save Gem from the shelter.

But not before she had numbers…five…six…

Dog Born In A Shelter

…and 11.

Through an amazing effort, the group was able to find a home for every single one of the babies, and the mother as well.

Dog Born In A Shelter

And somewhere up in all of those puppies was a little boy pup who would later be named Blake.

Dog Born In A Shelter

That year, a family that lived in Marshalltown, Iowa, brought him to his forever home.