Dog Born In A Shelter LOVES Giving Kisses To His New Baby!


Recently, this family in Iowa welcomed a new baby girl into their home, and their dog, named Blake, was one of the first to meet her.

There was an instant bond between the two.

Perhaps, that’s because Blake started off life in the world surrounded by babies. Many, many babies!

2And, just like all of his 11 brothers and sisters, he managed to find his way to a good place.

Dog Born In A Shelter

“He has changed my life, literally,” said Janet Cox Hala, his adoptive mother. “I never had owned a dog as an adult and he is my joy.”

Perhaps it has something to do with Blake’s earlier beginnings – how he was born into this world among a very unexpected pile of puppies.

Because when the Hala family welcomed another baby into their home – a granddaughter named Nora – there was Blake, ready to shower her in kisses and hugs.

Dog Born In A Shelter

You can almost hear Blake saying, “Welcome Nora! You’re really gonna love it here!”

Take a look at the precious video below of these two sweet babies loving on each other: