Newfoundland Thinks He’s a Chihuahua, Wants to Sit on Owner!


This huge Newfoundland doesn’t realize his own size, and it’s pretty adorable. Just because this furry friend is larger than most dogs doesn’t mean he can’t snuggle up with his owner! In this video, we see Boss the Newfoundland try to get a hug from his owner. Yet it seems like he doesn’t realize just how big he is! He wastes no time before putting his paws onto his owner’s lap and reaching up for a kiss. It looks like he just wanted a little attention, and his size wasn’t going to get in the way! Even though Boss is huge, he’s one big fur ball of fun. He may look scary at first, but he’s really just a friendly giant. Take a look for yourself!

Aren’t Newfoundlands amazing? Here’s another video of some cool canines, but they’re a bit smaller than Boss. In this AFV video, watch as a litter of puppies goes crazy for their dinner! When they first find out it’s dinner time, they can hardly contain their excitement. They look pretty adorable as they wag their tails and scurry around the room. Once they realize that they’re not going to get any food unless they sit still, they suddenly quiet down and stop moving. After their owner gives them their dinner, it’s chaos once again as these adorable puppies race to get the first bite. Watch the great video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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