Top 10 AFV Animal Troublemakers: It’s Trouble Tuesday


These Top 10 AFV Animal Troublemakers are headed your way! Troublemakers. They’re Everywhere! Four legs, two legs, doesn’t matter. Troublemakers are among us, and this isn’t a bad thing. We all love our trouble making friends; they stir up some fun and create some laughs! Whether it be foolish antics, accidents, or even some mischievous behavior, these 10 animal troublemakers are guaranteed to make you gain a little trouble in your day…and boy, we know you’re going to love it!

Have you caught any troublemakers on home footage? If so, we would LOVE to see it! Please share your troublemaker videos HERE


Check out our first AFV Animal Troublemaker: Beau! This guilty pup gets confronted by his owner when she finds a big mess! How could such an adorable dog be so destructive? The real question is whether Winston helped to create the tornado of a mess, or if it was a one man job.

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