Severely Abused Pit Bull Gets Killed Despite All Rescue Efforts


This is a story of a pit bull called Noelle and her malicious murder. Noelle was brought to the Carson Animal Shelter after people saw her case on Facebook. With multiple wounds on her face and body, women volunteers wanted to save this pup. Days later, a video surfaced onFacebook about how Noelle was taken to the vet for treatment.

But the truth is that after being found, Noelle never went to a vet, but Sergeant Justin Guzman said that Noelle was already at the vet and was being treated, an absolute lie.

The women volunteers, who wanted to take the poor dog for emergency treatment precisely told Guzman that if no one picks Noelle for her vet visit that he should contact them immediately and he agreed to do so. Noelle never went to the vet.

pit bull
Image Credit: Examiner

The volunteers still can’t understand why Guzman lied about Noelle’s vet visit and they also think that the shelter broke the law by not allowing a dedicated medical adopter to help Noelle. Noelle died because of improper treatment and instead of handing over the dog to rescue offered by the women, this shelter’s vets Dr. Villacorta and Dr. Lucero sedated her and euthanized her. Noelle was euthanized two days after the women offered to take her to an emergency medical clinic for treatment. Yet Guzman said that she was at the vet receiving treatment.