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Saturday, March 25, 2017

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dog share secret language

Little girl and dog share secret language together

Sierra (and Samson the Newfoundland) have a hilarious conversation with their mom
Dog repeatedly slides down

Dog repeatedly slides down icy hill

Fingal knows just how to spend the last days of winter. With the snow almost gone, this Maremma
police dog was shot

A police dog was shot in the head while chasing a suspect — now...

This police dog was shot in the head while chasing down a suspect. He came back to his partner bleeding
Dogs refuse to leave owner

Dogs refuse to leave owner’s side, jump in ambulance and ride to hospital with...

When dad got hurt, his two dogs refused to leave his side. They jumped in the ambulance and rode all the way to the hospital with him where they were allowed to stay.
Lion’s reunion with the man

Lion’s reunion with the man who adopted her is so amazing, it’s almost hard...

Kiara’s first adoptive dad, Adolfo, pays her a surprise visit, and the lion’s reaction is beyond anything anyone ever expected
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