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Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Kitten Climbs Over Partition

Pet Store Kitten Climbs Over Partition To Play With Lonely Puppy

At a pet store in Taiwan, the cutest little puppy and the cutest little kitten are kept in their enclosures, side-by-side yet unable
Bull Terrier giving kisses

Bull Terrier giving kisses

Brady shows how much he loves his owner by constantly showering him with kisses. Such a precious moment!
Pregnant Dog Holds Out

Abandoned, Pregnant Dog Holds Out For A Miracle, And Finally Gets Her Wish

This is such a special story. Java the boxer was left behind by her owners. When they moved away

Pit Bull Height and Length.Standards.

Pit Bull Height and Length.Standards
Rescued Boxer Mix

This Rescued Boxer Mix Returns The Favor In The Most Incredible Way

Gina the Boxer mix was abused by her former owner before being adopted by a loving woman named Mary
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