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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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put her dog in a shelter

A woman was going to put her dog in a shelter — until she...

This woman brought a dog to the shelter, but a heartfelt prank changes her mind. The message behind this is so powerful. Watch Video Below
Dog protects baby

Dog protects baby from “angry” mother during training

A woman puts her dog to the test in this controlled training exercise and records his reaction after he witnesses her baby in potential "danger".
Humane Society Rescues Puppies

Michigan Humane Society Rescues Puppies from Under Abandoned Home

Paige, Payton, Percy, Phillip, Phoebe, Piper and Prue were all in foster care with some of MHS' In-Home Heroes, and they are already adopted
Pregnant Mama Rescued

Pregnant Mama Rescued From A Dog Fighting Ring Just As She’s Giving Birth

Busting a dog fighting ring is always a risky operation; rescuers never quite know what they’ll find, especially when there are dozens
Great Dane Is So Jealous

Great Dane Is So Jealous Of His Brother Getting All Of The Attention That...

Sibling rivalry can be tough for a lot of families. Anyone with a brother or sister knows what it’s like to get a little jealous whenever
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