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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Pit Bull Saves Little Boy From Drowning

It’s each mum or dad’s worst nightmare. Whereas visiting a household buddy in Brisbane, 2-year-old Alexander Kenney was found floating face down in a dam by
Bond With Your Dog

Quiz: How Strong Is Your Bond With Your Dog?

How well bonded are you and your dog? Take this quiz to find out!
Winter Dogs

With All Of The Snow Shoveling This Winter Dogs, These Pup’s Decided To Lend...

Snow isn’t all that bad. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and it’s fun to ski and snowboard in. But one of the downsides is having to shovel it all
Dog’s Trying To Hide

The Dog’s Trying To Hide Her Bone. Wait Till You See Who She’s Hiding...

The dog is struggling to hide her new bone from the cat. But don’t worry, Margo, I don’t think the cat is interested
Dog’s Back

Take A Close Look At What’s On This Dog’s Back…Wait ‘Til You See What...

This is an unusual friendship that would melt even the coldest heart! What you see is an owl that loves his dog SO much
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