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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Rescued Pit Bull Puppy

Rescued Pit Bull Puppy Shares Heartwarming Reunion With The Firefighter Who Saved Her

Being alone can be a trying experience on anyone. Not only is it hard for people, but it’s also hard for animals who have no idea when or if they will ever
dogs dream about

An expert just revealed what dogs dream about and it’s extremely heartwarming

A scientist from Harvard told People Magazine what she thinks dogs and cats dream about and it’s making the internet cry tears of joy

Animals Acting Strange During A Full Moon

These strange animal behaviors can only be explained by the full moon, right? Or maybe they’re just trying to get
Formerly Chained Dog

Formerly Chained Dog Meets His New Family

PETA’s fieldworkers regularly visited a breeder’s junk-strewn yard in North Carolina to care for the neglected animals
Four Obedient Dogs

Four Obedient Dogs Pull Off Impressive Synchronized Snack Trick

Feeding multiple dogs at once can be difficult, but these obedient canines make it a breeze! Check out their synchronized
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