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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Pit Bull saves 2 women

The children in the Fronteras household refer to their dog as kuya (big brother), and he certainly proved it on the day he sacrificed
Pack Of Dogs

I Thought He Was Walking A Pack Of Dogs, When I Looked Closer I...

This guy was in the middle of the street with a pack of mighty German shepherd dogs and everyone thought that this guy was walking them using a leash. But when everyone looked closer, they couldn’t believe their eyes

Man tattoos his dog; is it an act of animal cruelty ?

A man in North Carolina who tattooed his dog has caught the attention of animal lovers after he posted a photo of the dog on Facebook

Dog dies after being left in car for four hours while owners go to...

This video purportedly shows the shocking moment that a dying dog was discovered after his owners left him
Found A Stray Dog

They Found A Stray Dog With A Huge Head. When They Took A Closer...

Most of us buy collars for our dogs – we use them when we take our dogs out on walks, or we attach a name tag to them, in case our dog gets lost
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