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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Puzzle Together

Bulldog Can’t Fathom Why Mom Wants To Sit Around And Put A Puzzle Together

The funny bulldog sits at the table and pouts as mom tries to put a puzzle together. She asks if he’d like to help
New Doggy Bed

Chunk Gets A Little Too Excited About His New Doggy Bed

Chunk the four-month-old English Bulldog puppy just got a new doggy bed and his reaction is the BEST
Dog Is Not Ready

It’s Safe To Say This Dog Is Not Ready To Get Out Of Bed

Just like all of us on Monday mornings, this dog does not want to get out of bed! He whines and throws a little fit as he
Sleeping Bulldog Dreams

Sleeping Bulldog Dreams He’s Chewing A Treat After Smelling It

Elvis the bulldog is asleep as his owner holds a milk bone up to his nose. That makes the dog dream that he’s eating the treat
VERY Loyal Dog

Police Thermal Image Camera Catches The Selfless Actions Of One VERY Loyal Dog

When a police crew got the call that senior citizen Martin Kay had been missing for over seven hours, they knew the only
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