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Friday, April 27, 2018


Stress Our Dogs Out

9 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out

When we love our dogs like family, we sometimes forget that they don’t understand us quite like our human relatives
Dog Born In A Shelter

Dog Born In A Shelter LOVES Giving Kisses To His New Baby!

Recently, this family in Iowa welcomed a new baby girl into their home, and their dog, named Blake, was one of the first to meet her
Dogs Suck

How Dogs Suck Because Of Lactose Intolerance

Lactose is a sugar found in all dairy products. It requires a special enzyme named 'Lactase' to digest that natural sugar
dog parent

10 things you should NEVER say to a dog parent!

It is a universal truth, every dog parent has been subjected to many unwarranted opinions regarding their fur babies
Pit Bull Owners

20 Things Only Pit Bull Owners Will Understand

Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs around, but there is so much more to this canine breed than meets the eye
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