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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Adopt A Pit Bull

Reasons You Should Adopt A Pit Bull

So you’re thinking about getting a dog, but you’re not sure what kind to get. My first piece of advice is, do your research
Dog Live Longer

Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Live Longer

Everyone who has a dog or any pet, his only wish to never lose his pet, he or she has a healthy and long life and the biggest nightmare
Cat Doppelgangers

Cat Doppelgangers That Are So Perfect You Can Hardly Tell The Difference

Did you ever see that movie I Love You, Man? One of the more hilarious bits, if you will, was the fact that one of the main character’s dog looked like Anwar Sadat

Pit Bull Puppies Take Down The Stereotype

One of the worst things in the world that happens on a daily basis is when people make pit bulls out to be some horrifying dog
When You Raise A Dog

6 Changes That Happens To You When You Raise A Dog!

Of course, raising a dog has many different and several of changes on our lives. And they give you many lessons and stay with
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