They Rescued This Pup From Dog Fighting

Bubbles was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. He was taken to Animal Charity of Ohio this week after he had fled from his owners

Puppy Found Under Collapsed Building Just Wants Rescuers To Find Her...

Animal Aid responded to a call about a puppy who’d become trapped under the rubble of a collapsed hut. The puppy was lucky

What The Dog Does When The Girl Is Hooked To Oxygen...

Parents know that children – young children are always on the move. The minute they learn to walk – watch out! Nothing is safe anymore

From Serious Neglect To A Backpack, Piper Is Thriving In Her...

Piper was rescued from an unthinkable hoarding case in Ohio. They noticed the dog was deaf, missing an eye and almost all of her teeth

A Mother Asks Her Daughter About The Mess She’s Made.

Bean the baby and Esther the bulldog are caught playing in a mess of toilet paper. But when mom asks who did it

Even After Being Rescued, Two Abandoned Puppies Won’t Stop Hugging Each...

A couple of strays were found in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where all they could do was hug each other

Dog has front legs hacked off with sword, makes incredible recovery

His crime had been to chew a pair of shoes belonging to a neighbour. Despite Cola’s owner paying for the damage

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Cocoa likes to play fetch, she just does it in a different way than all other dogs! While it appears that she’s just

Dog Takes A Moment Before Eating For The Sweetest Reason Ever

Watch as this thankful pooch takes a moment to say a silent prayer before eating. And he does so without any orders

This Dog Was Rescued In The Most Horrible Condition And It’s...

As I'm sure you know by now, we here at ViralNova are no strangers to stories of animals being saved from terrible abuse

Girl Mistakes Tiny Dog For Hamster

The little girl wakes up to a surprise gift left by her parents, but the best part is her confusion as to what the animal actually is

Homeless man gives up injured dog to the shelter who makes...

A homeless man on a bicycle showed up to a shelter with an injured dog by his side. He told her, “I love you.